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Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear ban treaty will become law on 22 January 2021

Nuclear weapons states applied enormous pressure to try and stop the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, recalls Janet Fenton.Image


What if they can’t keep a nuclear missile sub continuously out at sea?

Dave Cullen talks to PN about the Nuclear Information Service's recent report on the UK's nuclear weapons upgrades 



NIS uncovers N-secrets

We celebrate the 20th birthday of a little-known but vital part of the peace movement


Hiroshima-Nagasaki 75

Anniversary of atom bombings marked around the UK



Hiroshima & Nagasaki 75 years

The Bomb was not ‘a last resort’ argues Milan Rai


‘The most important election in history’ — Chomsky on Trump

A powerful Democracy Now! interview on the risk of a coup in the US, the climate crisis and the nuclear arms race


Editorial: What does ‘decolonising history’ mean? And does it matter?

We need to remember the real history of Britain's nuclear 'deterrent' argues Milan Rai


How to ban bombs and influence people

Scottish CND's Janet Fenton reports from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons' Paris Forum, which took place pre-lockdown from 14 - 15 February


The case for unilateral nuclear disarmament


UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon addresses 2010 NPT review conference. UN Photo/Mark Garten


On 23 January, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved the Doomsday Clock from two minutes to midnight to 100 seconds to midnight, which is the closest that it has been to midnight since the Clock was created in 1947 (midnight means the end of organised human life). The Bulletin consists of the world’s top physicists and its work is supported by experts on international peace and security such as former UN high commissioner for human rights Mary Robinson and former UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon.

We’re in the money

At the beginning of January, the national audit office declared that three projects needed to replace Britain’s Trident nuclear weapon system are currently forecast to cost £1.35bn more than origin