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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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War and peace

Thomas Goltz, 'Chechnya Diary: A War Correspondent's Story of Surviving the War in Chechnya'

Thomas Dunne Books, 2004. ISBN 0 312 26874 2; US$27.95; 352pp HB


Angola: two years after the endof decades of war

Angola is one of the countries in the world that has been most affected by war and violence over the past four decades.

' Terror, Counter-Terror. Women Speak Out' and ' Feminists under fire. Exchanges across War Zones'

Terror, Counter-Terror. Women Speak Out, Zed Books, 2003. ISBN 1 84277353 4. Feminists under fire. Exchanges across War Zones, Between the Lines, 2003. ISBN 1 89635778 4


Deen K Chatterjee and Don E Scheid (eds), 'Ethics and Foreign Intervention'

Cambridge University Press, 2003. ISBN 0 52181074 4 (hb) £42.50/$58 316, 0 52100904 9 (pb) £15.95/$21, 316pp


Reporting the World and peace journalism

Many journalists enter their profession motivated by some idea, however vaguely defined, of doing some good in the world.

Impressions from a journey through the South Caucasus

When WRI planned a visit to the South Caucasus, to develop co-operation with local groups on antimilitarism and conscientious objection, it was clear that this wouldn't be an easy task.

Stop the death trade!

One of the world's most famous arms dealers, Sam Cummings, said of the arms trade almost forty years ago: “It is almost a perpetual motion machine.

Alexander Moseley and Richard Norman (eds), 'Human Rights and Military Intervention'

Ashgate 2002, ISBN 0 7546 0867 0, 296 pp, £45


Dominick Jenkins, 'The Final Frontier: America, Science and Terror'

Verso 2002, ISBN 1 85984 682 3, 320pp, £19