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Towards a Peace Charter

Councils to mark International Peace Day

Some months before the coronavirus pandemic struck, a small group in Aberystwyth got together to raise awareness of peace issues within the county of Ceredigion, with the ultimate aim of getting the county council to adopt a ‘Peace Charter’.

The first step was to ask Ceredigion county council and some of the county’s main towns to officially recognise and mark International Peace Day.

As it happened, the county council had already decided to do this, but Tregaron and Cardigan have now also committed to mark the day and hopefully other towns will follow their lead.

Step two will be to encourage more towns and villages within Ceredigion to include white poppies in their official Armistice Day ceremonies.

Small steps, but they provide a foundation on which we can build, and will hopefully encourage other counties in Wales to do the same.

Topics: Peacemaking