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In and out

This is just three days of news of Palestinians interned without charge or trial by the Israeli government (‘administrative detention’).

On 15 January, journalist and former 94-day hunger striker Mohammed al-Qeeq declared an open-ended hunger strike following his re-arrest by Israeli occupation forces. The next day, a rally was held at Ramallah’s Manara Square demanding his immediate release. Al-Qeeq is one of over 20 Palestinian journalists in Israeli prisons.

On 16 January, Abdel-Karim Shiyoukhi, 18, was given six months’ administrative detention, despite the Israeli police earlier ordering him to be released. The same day, Palestinian legislative council member Hassan Yousef had his detention without charge or trial extended for the fourth time. There are seven members of the Palestinian parliament currently in Israeli prisons.

On 17 January, at least 13 Palestinians were arrested in dawn raids throughout the West Bank.

Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the now-banned northern branch of the Islamic Movement, was released the same day after nine months in prison, during which he was held in solitary confinement. Salah was not a detainee; an Israeli court convicted him of incitement to violence and racism in 2015 based on a sermon he gave in 2007.