The World is My Country individual posters and broadsheets

As part of its First World War centenary project, The World is My Country, Peace News has produced a series of ten colour posters and eight poetry / song broadsheets, celebrating key figures and events from the First World War anti-war movement.

Featuring the distinctive graphic art of Emily Johns
, they tell a history of police raids and clandestine printing presses, disobedient soldiers and feminist peace initiatives, Maori princesses and striking German munitions workers.

Ordering and costs

Posters cost £2.50 each, poems and songs cost £1.50 each. Posters are 42cm wide by 59.4cm high. Broadsheets are 35cm wide by 60cm high. Postage and packing for up to 20 posters is £6 for the UK, £9 for Europe and £15 for outside Europe. View more details and select your posters here

You can also purchase:

an accompanying 100-page booklet