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Issue 2533 | May 2011

Libyan peace deal undermined by West

One of the most significant attempts to broker a peace deal to end the war in Libya failed in mid-April, undermined by western leaders who assured Libyan rebels of a military victory over Libyan le

Mixed messages

Reports that the Obama administration is about to get serious about peace talks in Afghanistan are belied by plans for long-term bases


Unarmed Forces Day

This year’s Unarmed Forces Day on Saturday 25 June has a North African theme to it


Brian Haw

Anti-war campaigner Brian Haw has lost his last appeal to keep his peace camp on the grass in Parliament Square, after the mayor of London was granted a possession order by the high court on 17 Mar

International murdered in Gaza

Vittorio Arrigoni, an outspoken Italian peace activist, was murdered in Gaza on 14 April, after being abducted by an anti-Hamas, al-Qa’eda-inspired group.

Radical Media TM

The event planned for October formerly known as “the Radical Media Conference” has been forced to change its name after being subjected to legal threats by an international PR and production compan

Kettling in court

On 14 April, the high court ruled that police acted illegally when they cordoned (“kettled”) Climate Camp protesters in Bishopsgate, London, at the G20 protest on 1 April 2009.

Irish police forced to apologise for “rape” joke

The Irish environmental group “Shell to Sea” has published a video in which a police sergeant suggests to another Garda (Irish police officer) that they should say to an arrested protester: “Give m

We will rise!

From London to Pontypridd and beyond, Wales has been marching against cuts, nuclear power and capitalism


Anti-Trident activism and Scottish party politics

Four years ago the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), in coalition with the Greens, formed a minority Scottish government.

Arms and the man

PN examines a new MoD report on the growing use of armed drones


Libya war used as RAF advert

“The RAF’s over-budget Typhoon fighter jets are being deployed in Libya on missions for which they are ill-equipped, because military chiefs are anxious to justify their high cost,” military source

Egypt: the army and the people were never “one hand”

The report that led to its author, a young Egyptian peace activist, being imprisoned on 12 April for three years. Its title refers to the demonstrators’chant in Tahrir Square: “the army and the people are one hand!”


Free Maikel!

“We got rid of the dictator, but not of the dictatorship”.

Afghanistan: What if the US and NATO forces leave?

A report from the recent Voices for Creative Nonviolence delegation to support the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.


Communal reflection

In February, “Unite for Peace”, a group of (mainly) Christian peace activists affiliated with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, gathered in Derbyshire for our twice-yearly meeting.

Activism and ... Being a Muslim

We have the EDL [right-wing English Defence League] coming to a nearby town this weekend and I’m really torn about going to the counter-demonstration because we came very unstuck campaigning agains