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Issue 2447 | June - August 2002

Anti-militarism: where next?

Guest editorial: Know your enemy

A Peace News on antimilitarism - shouldn't that be an easy task for the international antimilitarist magazine?

May Day 2002

On 1 May hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in a mixture of protest, celebration and commemoration.

Colombian elections bring no peace

Since the violent breakdown in February of the three-year-old peace talks, Colombians have been plunged into yet another round of skirmishes and killings.

Israeli peaceniks show their strength

As Peace News went to press more than 60,000 demonstrators were in Tel Aviv taking part in largest peace rally since the second intifada began 19 months ago, demanding th

Human right v Anti-militarist action

Andreas: When I became a total objector in Germany in the mid-80s, I saw my objection as an act of civil disobedience against militarism, or, more specifically, against th

Peace, progress and private armies

In October 2001, after taking over parts of the Swat, Dir and Korakoram highway in northern Pakistan, Sufi Mohammad led his 5000-strong army of Tehrik Nifaz Shariat-I-Mohammadi [one of fiv

The state and militarism after 11 September

People in the fields of international relations and peace research may have read a lot of polemics against - and are thus revisionist of - the historically and systematically argued thesis

Military service and manhood in Turkey

Close to and almost surrounding the Turkish parliament in Ankara are the various headquarters of the military establishment army, navy, airforce, and gendarmerie.

Pacified into fighting: How Israeli Jewish men are manipulated

There is nothing more horrendous than sending people off to war. This is what my country is doing. Israel is sending its children to war and it has been doing so for many years now.

Chipping away at the core

My son Yinnon Hiller is the first young Israeli to appeal to the Israeli High Court for his human right not to serve in the military on the grounds of his pacifist beliefs and he is one of

We won't fight your ******* wars... or will we? Feminism and anti-militarism, where next?

Peace News 2443 (Gender and militarism) began to open the door of a debate within the antimilitarist movement on activist responses to the changing military landscape.

Speaking out against violence

On 11 September Ryans brother was killed in the attack on the Pentagon - where he was an enlisted specialist in the US army working as a multimedia illustrator.

What does it mean to be an antimilitarist?

It is complicated enough discussing what it means to be an antimilitarist in a country like Colombia, but even worse because although antimilitarism is something that I share and promote,

The flaw in the peoples' army

About a hundred years ago there was a significant debate in the international workers movement that continues to be relevant today.

Operation "Self-Interest?"

PN: For some years now Macedonia has been on the receiving end of “humanitarian” military interventions [see box below for a list of international missions to Mac

Neither cowards nor heroes

While trying to illustrate the inter-ethnic hatred that reigned in his native Bosnia in 1993, a deserter who had just arrived in Belgrade told me: "You know, these Serbs hate Bosn

Here I stand

A moral imperative or a political strategy? Howard Clark examines the role of conscientious objection in relation to the wider antimilitarist struggle.


Not much impact ... yet

It seems as though the French army has agreements with all the job centres in France.

The home front: a white woman against apartheid and conscription

The most telling image of my adolescence in 1980s South Africa was the silhouette of a war memorial, like many found all over the world, listing the names of soldiers killed defending our

Yesh Gvul: a uniquely Israeli innovation in the culture of protest

At the time of writing, 42 Israeli soldiers - conscripts and reservists - are serving sentences in military prisons after refusing to take part in the campaign of repression against the Pa

Antimilitarism in the (new) German peace and anti-war movement after 11 September

Tobias Pfluger discusses some of the inherent tensions between the wider peace movement and those who identify as antimilitarist.


It is my wish that there will be a new battle in Afghanistan - the battle of the pen.

In April Marnie Smith travelled to Pakistan where she discovered Afghanistan's refugee communities finding hope for peace through education.


Direct action in Bethlehem

The “International Solidarity Movement” (ISM) is a series of nonviolent solidarity events in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, undertaken by foreign peace activists, coordinated by the Palesti

Message from Iraq

Just as springtime Baghdad shows - with the crumbling of sanctions - a faint glimpse of promise, however superficial, it is hard to believe that the threat of war is gathering again.

Cuba: people and sun, music and memories

Being Chilean, I was prevented from visiting Cuba between 1973 and 1990: had I travelled there I would not have been allowed to re-enter Chile, as I would have been labelled a Marxist.