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Issue 2462 | June 2005

University in free speech row

Five students and one graduate are facing “aggravated trespass” charges after taking part in a demonstration outside the Lancaster University's “George Fox” building in September 2004 duri

Colombia: February massacre linked to School of the Americas training

Many Peace News readers will have heard the news of the massacre of eight civilians, including three children, in the Colombian Peace Community of San Jose' de Apartad in February 2005 (se

Shareholders challenge shady deals

Recent weeks have been a peak period for big corporations' AGMs, many of which have been targeted by demonstrators and by (very) smallscale shareholders claiming their legal right to atten

Protesters call for action to end genocide in Sudan

On Sunday 15 May exiles from Sudan, along with supporters, gathered in London to demand that the British government take action to halt the genocide in the Sudanese region of Darfur.

Block the Builders finally take action

On 9 May, as the first BtB protester was being released from prison - after receiving a 14-day sentence for wanton vandalism in protest at new developments at AWE Aldermaston - Block the B

ASBO defeated: tag and curfew imposed

A bigger court had to be made available to accommodate everyone when, on 17 May, supporters came to Harrogate Magistrates' Court to hear District Judge Roy Anderson sentence Lindis Percy f

Accidental casualties

As Peace News went to press, hundreds of protesters remained on the streets of Uzbekistan, following mid-May's unrest and subsequent massacre by government troops.

Smash EDO: partial victory on injunctions

Campaigners scored a partial victory in the courts at the end of April when an attempt by EDO/MBM Technologies - Brighton's resident arms manufacturer - to create an exclusion zone around

"Hot disobedient May" for Spain

If the headline news is of Spain withdrawing troops from Iraq and Bush giving premier Zapatero the cold shoulder, practical Spanish cooperation with the US and NATO remains firm.

Trident Activists declare island a "nuclear-free state"

On Friday 13 May, 12 anti-nuclear campaigners established a peace camp on Drake's Island in Plymouth Sound, declaring it a nuclear-free state.

Resisting the G8 at Gleneagles

The leaders of the G8 countries (the eight most industrialised, wealthy and powerful countries) will meet at Gleneagles in Scotland on 6-9 July for discussion of international issues and t

A Women's Day for Peace?

Sandwiched between International Conscientious Objectors' Day (15 May), and International Day for Children as Victims of War (4 June), is another opportunity for action: 24 May, Internatio

End the persecution!

On 15 May -- International Conscientious Objectors' Day -- activists from more than 10 countries (Bosnia-Hercegovina, Britain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Israel,Macedonia, Spain,

British recognition of CO spreads

Ceremonies to mark International COs' Day on 15 May are becoming more widespread in Britain, having taken place in at least seven cities this year.

Police support and spiked propaganda

The Mole has another tale to tell of the exploits of indefatigable peace campaigner Gwyn Gwyntopher.

Love your enemy – everyone can change: Dr John Reid

Hello my lovely ones, are you feeling full of vernal passion?

Decent exposure

It has been a month full of sharp reminders of how the military dominates our lives.