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Issue 2463 | July - August 2005

Hunger strike over

On 21 June, Turkish conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan ended his hunger strike: after 28 days, the prison authorities agreed to his conditions of equal treatment.

War crimes in Brighton?

On 11 June, a demonstration against arms manufacturers EDO/MBM Technology was held by campaigners in Brighton.

N-waste dump plan

As the problem of what to do with nuclear waste continues to grow, a small tribe of Native Americans in Utah may soon find that their home will be the dumping ground for a group of electric

Bush demo arrestees call for solidarity

Anti-war activists have called for solidarity as over 20 people face charges following the demonstration against George W Bush’s UK visit in June.

Art Not Oil at the "National Petroleum Gallery"

On 13 June the Art Not Oil (ANO) exhibition kicked off outside the National Portrait Gallery in Central London.

25 years for peace

Twenty-five years ago, on the green slope overlooking Willen Lake in Milton Keynes, the foundation stone was laid of the first Peace Pagoda in the Western Hemisphere.

"Let us not forget"

It is now ten years since the Army of the Republic of Srpska, with the support of the regime of Slobodan Milosevic, killed more than 8,000 Bosniaks in and around Srebrenica.

CIVIL LIBERTIES: BANNED - From 1 August 2005: no permit - no protest

Emma Sangster reports on the latest repressive legislation and the plans for civil disobedience to defy the ban.


A nuclear renaissance?

For the past year the British press has been full of speculation as to whether the governmentis ready to launch a new nuclear power programme. The right-wing press, in particular, has been pushing the line that nuclear power is the only way to solve climate change. But Pete Roche argues that nuclear's contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions can only ever be small and may even be counter-productive in the fight against climate change.


Long and winding road

In March 2003, US diplomat and former army colonel Ann Wright resigned in protest at the Bush administration's policies on Iraq, North Korea, Israel-Palestine and at the curtailment of civil liberties in the US after 11 September 2001. PN caught up with her in London and we talked about her journey from career diplomat to joining Code Pink actions. 


Why I boycotted the G8 protests

It is almost hard to know where to start with this - there are so many reasons! But here goes with the main ones...

Strength in diversity

Wednesday 6 July marked the first day of the G8 summit, so on Tuesday night, while eight men in suits were preparing to sit down to a meal of Marrbury smoked salmon and roast fillet of Gle

Faslane G8

Kicking off the G8 week in style, an estimated 2,000 people participated in a particularly “big” blockade at the Faslane naval base, home to Britain's four nuclear powered - and armed - Tr

The Freedom to Protest Conference

There are a whole range of repressive and outrageous measures increasingly being used by police and companies to try and intimidate and undermine all manner of protests - including peace and anti-w

Another cog in the machine

In the spirit of the protests against Menwith Hill and against the “long arm” of US militarism, 35 Finnish and Swedish peace activists set up an action camp in Fauske, in northern Norway, b

Free trade - free movement?

As part of the week of G8 actions, more than 1000 people protested at Dungavel Detention Centre (officially Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre) on 5 July against the detention of asylum se

The Marxist-Lennonists

b>In the old Resistance office in Washington DC, there used to be a sign on the door describing the politics found within.

Death worse than fete

Do you remember Mr Major's now infamous vision of British (English, surely) life? Spinsters on bicycles pedalling to evensong, warm beer and cricket matches.

Mission accomplished? Iraq and the general election coverage

April 29: It's less than a week before the General Election, the legality of the Iraq war is looking shakier than ever after the Attorney General's original advice to the Prime Minister has

Bringing it all back home

Possibly the best thing that can be said for travel as an educational experience is that it can give you added clarity about the state of your own corner when you return to it.

Games, anarchists and bombs

There was a Parisian campaign to say “non” to the Olympics - which, surprisingly, got no coverage over here - as well as the (slightly reported) campaign by sensible people in London who o