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Issue 2467 | November 2005

"George Fox Six" to appeal convictions

On Friday 30 September, District Judge Peter Ward returned a verdict of guilty to the charges of Aggravated Trespass brought against six campaigners who had held a peaceful protest at Lanca

Taking liberties

From late October to late November a bunch of activists from Norfolk, Suffolk and London are organising a month of actions and events in and around Charles Clarke's home town - Norwich.

Resistance and persistence

As our space to protest becomes increasingly curtailed by new legislation from a government obsessed with order and terror, more than 200 people from a diverse range of groups and campaigns

Serious fun to fall on Slough

What do Chinese opera, Sikh comedians, kicking racism out of football, and human rights lawyer Louise Christian all have in common?

Going BeyondTv

Between 25 and 27 November Undercurrents hosts the 6th annual video activist festival with clown rebel army and video workshops.

Off yer bikes!

After more than a decade of informal, monthly, collective assertions of the delight of cycling around a city in the company of lots of other cyclists, the Critical Mass bike rides in central London

Obstructing the war machine at Derby

The shiny image of Rolls Royce was been somewhat tarnished at the end of October, after a group of determined protesters from across the country spent three days getting under the skin of t

Fighting for basic rights

On 12 October people gathered outside the Colombian embassy in London to protest in support of the strike in Colombia.

Defending human rights

Since the Colombia Project was set up 11 years ago, Peace Brigades International has maintained a continuous presence in the regions most affected by the armed conflicts in Colombia.

Rebuilding community

The settlement that was once at the centre of the peace community of San Jose' de Apartado' is now occupied by police, soldiers and paramilitaries.

Relatives in protest as Bill runs aground

Inspired by “Camp Casey” in Crawford, Texas - the protest camp initiated by Cindy Sheehan whose son Casey was killed in Iraq last year - on 18 and 19 October relatives of British soldiers killed in

Beyond protest-resistance

In March of this year we attended the first trial of the Pit Stop Ploughshares in Dublin (see PN2460).Despite the eventual mistrial, it was an inspiring scene, both inside and outs

Conscientious objector forced to serve in military

In early October, Colombian conscientious objector Juan Carlos Montoya Munera was forcefully recruited by the Colombian military in the city of Antioquia, and taken to the barracks of the B

No burial for Balakot

From under the rubble of collapsed buildings, a gut-wrenching smell of decaying corpses now fills the town. The rats have it good; the one I accidentally stepped upon was already fat.

In the next issue...

Meet Soraya Gutierrez Arguello,President of CAJAR, the “Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyers' Collective”, in Bogota'.

A case of my enemy's enemy? Nonsense!

This year's CND conference took place close to the heart of London's poshistani shopping district -- the West End.

Famous signs, strange friends, and state funding

The Mole spotted something strange on the NATO website recently.

On Fisk, Faslane and fashionable attire

There was no way I wanted to miss Robert Fisk's lecture in Stirling, so I was not critically put off by the irritating call notice which referred to him as the “revered foreign corresponden

Campaign Profile: Smash EDO!

The Brighton-based anti-arms trade campaign.