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Issue 2487-88 | July - August 2007

Editorial: Iran's Lockerbie

The British legal system has begun finally to re-consider the conviction of the two Libyans jailed for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, which came down over the Scottish town of Locke

An elected voice for peace

At 25, Bethan Jenkins may be our youngest Assembly Member but she is a seasoned peace and justice activist.

Remembering the Falklands on Epynt Mountain

On Saturday 23 June, more than forty people gathered to repent the use of Epynt Mountain as a military training ground prior to the Falklands war.

Paving stones best left in the road: G8 protests in Germany

The Welsh International Sector Network, which works for peace, justice and global citizenship, funded 8 people to attend the anti-G8 demonstrations in Germany.

Vanunu prison sentence

On 2 July, former Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu was sentenced to one year in prison (6 months suspended) for fourteen violations of a ban on talking to foreigners - actually,

Good news

Despite gaining government consent to go ahead, the German-based chemical company, BASF, has abandoned its plans to carry out GM potato trials in Yorkshire.

The Fantastic 5

All the “Fairford Five” cases have now been concluded, with three acquittals and two convictions after six trials and heroic legal efforts by all five peace activists who took direct action

Serious organised criminals strike again

There have been several cases recently under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) mostly connected with last October's “No More Fallujahs” Parliament Square peace camp.

Lebanese nonviolence

Palestinian refugees living in the Baddawi and Nahr al-Bared camps of North Lebanon have organised die-ins, demonstrations and illegal press conferences in order to expose the systematic use of tor

Riots in Iran

On 26 June, riots broke out in Tehran after the government announced petrol rationing.

Farewell to peace centre

An interview with Liz Law, driving force behind the Scottish Centre for Nonviolence, which closed recently.


Good shoemaker and poor fishpeddler

On 23 August, many anarchists will mark the 80th anniversary of the execution by electric chair of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two working class (male) Italian anarchist immigrant

Gordon: Stop denying the link

Once again, Britain is enduring terrorist attacks. Once again, the Prime Minister is denying obvious realities, flying in the face of a near-national consensus.

A Voice from Palestine

ZZZ: We try to walk the walk, whether we are challenging the Israeli occupation or resolving conflicts locally.

Challenging nonviolence - part 1

Over the last few years there has been a growing critique in the West of committed nonviolence (see the G8 article on the Wales page).

Pax Christi outreach

Pax Christi outreach Pax Christi General Secretary Pat Gaffney gave an account of the Catholic peace group's outreach work at the Pax Christi AGM on 18 June.

Chomsky on violence

My general feeling is that this kind of question can't be faced in a meaningful way when it's abstracted from the context of particular historical concrete circumstances.

On Revolution and Equilibrium

Do you want to remain pure? Is that it?” a black man asked me, during an argument about nonviolence.

Hosting refugees

Coventry Peace House is a housing co-op, a shelter, a base for community projects in Coventry, and a centre for campaigning.

Spare Room for forced migrants

Forced to leave their homes to escape war, persecution, starvation, disease and environmental disaster, thousands are denied the legal right to work or claim state benefits in Britain.

Coming in from the Cold

I arrived in this country from Hungary in 1947 to three feet of snow in London and very little electricity.

Political Refugees

I work for a group that helps refugees and asylum seekers, something which would not, I realise, send me to the top of the Christmas card list of the average Red Top editor or reader.

The Potters

The extraordinary artwork that you see here was created in the most difficult of circumstances: inside Belmarsh high security prison in south-east London between 2001 and 2005 by one of several ind

On Becoming British

When I arrived at the test centre, I wasn't worried at all.

Web against war

Since Wrexham Against War(now Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum) came into being in 2002, we've made a conscious effort to document what we do - through photographs, saved press releases, a

Watching the Warmakers

“Our aim is to support activists in educating themselves in the issues which confront those struggling for peace and justice”.


A view from the crest of the wave


Children speak out

My name is Sonia, I am 12 years old and I am a Muslim. 5 years ago I formed a group called children against the war.

My day of pilgrimage

All morning my mind was flowing with thoughts about the Westminster Interfaith Pilgrimage my parents had told me about. Thoughts such as; `What will I learn out of it?

Paul Peter Piech

I have been studying the prints of Paul Peter Piech as part of my art course at Yale College this year. This is an extract from an essay I wrote for the course.

Fair stood the wind for Fairford

Over 20 years ago I came down from St Albans by hired coach to take part in a demonstration at the US bomber base at Fairford.

Friendship and washing-up

In this column we share readers' experiences of juggling the washing up, saving the world, childcare, studies, earning a living, creative expression and relationships.