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Issue 2497 | May 2008

Raytheon Nine

19 May sees the opening of a long-delayed trial of nine anti-war protestors charged with criminal damage and affray at a Northern Ireland office of the arms manufacturers Raytheon.

Partial SOCPA victory?

Campaigners challenging restrictions on protest around Parliament, who deluged the Home Office with responses to its consultation on the issue, have been rewarded by a government announcem

Gandhi statue, take two

Looking back to May ’68, we find Peace News campaigning against the erection of a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in London’s Tavistock Square.

Maliki aimed Basra assault at UK

The Iraqi government’s military assault on the southern Iraqi city of Basra at the end of March – which drew in both US and British forces, and sparked fighting in Baghdad and the south th


Defence Secretary Des Browne announced on 29 March that Britain should be willing to talk to the Taliban and consider negotiating with elements of the organisation.

Arabs do not fear nuclear Iran

One dramatic development in relation to Iran has been the revelations that, according to the MoD’s own documents, the 15 British sailors and Marines captured by Iran last April were in wat

France May '68

The events of May ’68 began in the universities. At Nanterre (just outside Paris) and the Sorbonne, students had become increasingly vocal against the US war in Vietnam.

1968 and all that

The Easter 1968 issue of Peace News had the following content... Obituary of Martin Luther King.

Resisting the BNP in Wrexham

About 200 local trade unionists and anti-fascist campaigners marched behind the Cambria Drum Band through Wrexham town centre on 12 April in a lively and good-natured protest against the p

Gas-protestors land in Brussels

At the beginning of April protestors from Wales were out in force in Brussels.

Fossil Fools: A devil of a week

“Fossil Fools Day”, 1 April, began an international week of action against the fossil fuel industry, mobilising the Rising Tide network of people dedicated to building a movement against c


Nothing in the disruption to me and my family described here compares with the continued suffering and desperation of those driven off their land in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon.

What would King think?

Peace News has discovered that an international “peace” group (usually referred to as the “Martin Luther King Institute for a New Humanity”), which carries out nonviolence trainings in the

King and Malcolm X

Two figures towered over Black America in the 1960s. Martin Luther King Jr called for racial integration, for nonviolence, for love of the enemy.

The Catonsville Nine

”Some ten or twelve of us (the number is still uncertain)


Symon Hill of Campaign Against Arms Trade is buzzing with the excitement of a remarkable High Court victory.

Sharing tools for peace education

Over 50 people gathered on 1 March for the 15th annual Peace Education Network conference.

The Poetic Spirit

Whisper & Shout, described as a “new irregular and guerrilla publication” aiming to “print poems and features of guts and sensitivity”, edited by Dennis Gould and published in February 1968:

Whatever happened to?

Abbie Hoffman

Paths through utopias

There’s an icy February wind pushing us around what feels like a walled medieval city.

Stepping out of line

Surrounded by kit, I sit facing my friends, cheeks burning so red that they suggest I am overtired. I shake my head, avoid eye contact, unsure how to admit my feelings.

Flashmob at Terminal 5

Can wearing a T-shirt be a crime? This was the question we set out to answer on the opening day of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 on 27 March.

Survival Songs

When I was in my teens I feared I wouldn’t be alive for my 21st. I wasn’t alone in such dread.

Maya Evans' diary

We all stood huddled tightly together like Emperor penguins in the Antarctic trying to benefit from each others warmth.

Mark Kurlansky, 1968: The Year that Rocked the World (Vintage, 2005; ISBN 978-0099429623; 464pp; £8.99)

Published four years ago, Mark Kurlansky’s 1968: the year that rocked the world is an engrossing and stimulating general history of a time “when significant segments of population all over the glob

Activism and... Anarchism '68

I would like to dissent from the celebration of May ’68.

Campaign Profile: Fairtrade Towns

A Fairtrade Town is a community that makes a collective commitment to Fairtrade and achieves Five Goals developed by the Fairtrade Foundation.