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Issue 2499-2500 | July - August 2008

Iraq struggles

President Bush wants the Iraqi government to seal a “status of forces”agreement cementing the US military presence in Iraq without seeking the approval of the Iraqi parliament, unsurprising

Iran offers...

When US president George W.

Freed speech

After a vigorous campaign to defend him, Nottingham University staff member and peace activist Hicham Yezza was freed from detention on 15 June and the threat of deportation lifted.

Czechs continue Star Wars campaign

Young Czech activists Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar, who started a hunger strike on 13 May in protest against a US-Czech agreement siting a “Star Wars” base in their country, suspended their act

Jailed for words

On 6 June, after an 18-week trial, the operator of a website criticising animal testing company Sequani, was found guilty under section 145 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 200


We don’t usually mark Memorial Day in Britain.

Time to ride and to rid ourselves of coal!

On Saturday 21 June, a toddler in a child-seat and twenty cyclists from the Welsh Youth Forum on Sustainable Development, Gwerin Y Coed (Woodcraft Folk) and Grwp Beic Aberystwyth completed the 157

Coal train (not) coming

On 13 June, 29 Climate Camp activists wearing boiler suits saying “leave it in the ground” blockaded a coal train heading into the Drax power station in Yorkshire. During the 16-hour occupation, they shovelled around 30 tons of coal out of the train, onto the tracks. PN interviewed a London-based participant.


F365 still in court

Faslane 365 – the year-long blockade of the Faslane nuclear weapons base finished on 1 Oct last year.

Thank you legal team!

On 7 May, I represented myself at Helensburgh District Court, facing a charge of “breach of the peace” at the Faslane 365 Big Blockade, 1 October 2007.

Happy Birthday Binyam!

On 24 July 2008, Binyam Mohamed will be 30 years old.

King gone!

On 28 May king Gyanendra became the last king of Nepal, bringing an end to the 239-year-old-monarchy.

Israel finally accepts Hamas ceasefire offer

Following months of talks, Hamas and Israel finally agreed to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire, which came into effect at dawn on 19 June.

Faslane's breach of the peace

During the Big Blockade of Faslane on 1 October 2007, Emily Freeman was arrested. Charged with breach of the peace, she was finally brought to trial in Helensburgh on 18 May 2008.

Starfish on the shore

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like at Faslane. If you think about a port, then images of dockland housing, pubs and assorted services spring to mind.


PN In the book you don’t embrace or push any single ideology. Why?

Bad Chair Day at the skips

The facts are fairly straightforward, although whenever I recount the tale, my listener’s jaw drops. “They did what?” But the authorities are deadly serious.

Dying on the inside

At the time of going to press (and almost a month after she died) the exact cause of Pauline Campbell’s death remains unclear.

Refugee power

This picture by Milein Cosman, Flight, shows her concern for peace. The refugee: the universal victim; her uptilted chin shows the determination to overcome her plight and to retain dignity.

Peaceful co-existence? Not quite.

We – Pat V T West, Dennis Gould, Jeff Cloves – first performed together as RiffRaff Poets in St Ives in 1970.

Maya Evans' diary

Through the dregs of late shoppers I could spot members of Hastings Against War loosely congregated in the pedestrian area of the town centre.