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Issue 2502 | October 2008

Common Sense currency

Transition towns are a new and fast spreading initiative on how our communities can cope with climate change and the decline of oil supplies.


Iraqi architect and blogger Raed Jarrar has translated a leaked copy of the interim US-Iraq agreement for American Friends Service Committee.

Iran proposal ignored again

Once again, Iran’s recent cooperation with UN inspectors, and its positive proposal for an international consortium to control its uranium enrichment, are being ignored, and the Iranian go

Video activism demonstrates its power

From Afghanistan to Palestine to Minnesota, video activism has been proving its value over the past few months.

Write to war resisters

US war resister Robin Long, who was deported from Canada, and imprisoned in the US on 22 August for 15 months for his conscientious objection to the Iraq war, can be written to at: Robin L

West offers Afghans three choices

At the end of August, Philip Alston, United Nations special rapporteur on illegal government killings, said his chief concern was the policy of night raids by foreign intelligence agencies

Atrocity in Azizabad

More details have emerged concerning the 21-22 August US airstrike on the village of Nawabad, the Azizabad area of Shindand district, reported in last month’s PN.

Israel expands

The Israeli government has more than doubled the size of a dozen of its settlements on the West Bank, according to the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, by seizing Palestinian land for

US terrorist attacks "help al Qa'eda"

The US raids inside Pakistan (see p1) raise the risk of terrorist attacks in London, said Wajid Shamsul Hassan, Pakistani high commissioner to Britain, on 14 September.

RNC "police state"

On 3 September, the last of the four days of the US Republican National Convention (RNC) in St Paul, Minnesota, demonstrators attempting to march on the convention centre after 5pm (when t

No to coal

Merthyr Tydfil residents and climate change campaigners staged protests at the Cardiff Hilton during the AGM of the UK Coal Authority on 10 September.

Käthe Kollwitz: artist of the people - no more war!

In October 1916, the German artist Käthe Kollwitz wrote in her diary: “It’s not only our youth who go willingly and joyfully into the war; it’s the same in all nations.

Yay, Greenpeace!

On 10 September, six Greenpeace activists won a historic legal victory after they were found “not guilty” of criminal damage by a jury at Maidstone crown court – after admitting causing £3

Nuclear-free footsteps..

This summer, I was one of nine walkers to complete a gruelling 84-day, 1000+ mile International Walk towards a Nuclear-Free Future from London to Geneva, through France.

Building a strong movement

The Wales Peace Festival takes place in Bangor over the weekend of 18-19 October.

The Big Voice

In early 2008, Voices for Creative Nonviolence began organising “Witness Against War,” a 500-mile walk from Chicago Illinois, to St Paul Minnesota, timed to arrive just before the US Repub

China going green?

China, which spent £6bn on green energy projects last year, may soon become the world’s largest investor in renewable energy.

Burning learning

On 8 September, the Fellowship of Reconciliation commemorated “the burning of the bombing school” with a protest against the proposed St Athan military training academy.

Festival news

Five protestors were arrested on 29 August, and charged with disrupting the performance of the internationally-acclaimed Israeli Jerusalem Quartet at Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall.

Holiday news ...

Passengers hurrying into the main check-in at Edinburgh International Airport on August 22nd were greeted by an unusual sight. A massive banner proclaimed: “MEXICO...

US terrorism in Pakistan

As suggested in last month’s PN, the US-UK war in Afghanistan is spreading to Pakistan, as US troops and drones mount attacks on border areas – against the express wishes of the Pakistani governmen

Early birds - start your day the disarmament way!

Morning vigils are being planned to take place during parliamentary sittings up ’til the end of 2008.

Georgia on my mind

Mikhail Saakashvili might be the darling of the west, George Bush’s beacon of democracy in the darkness of the Caucasus, but he is not subtle.

Sweet dreams are made of this

In the current edition of the always interesting Fourth World Newsletter*, there is a page which brought me up short.

At Greenbelt

Someone came up to me after the talk: “So, are you a Muslim?” I felt a little surprised. “No,” I replied, “I’m not”.

Activism and... Alcohol

On 17 September, the Department of Health announced that it had identified nine personality types of heavy drinkers who are at risk of liver damage and other alcohol-related illnesses.

Campaign Profile: Network for Peace

The Network for Peace (NfP) was set up in 2001 to continue the work of the National Peace Council, one of the oldest peace organisations in the UK.