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Issue 2511-2512 | July - August 2009

Boiling Over

From 11 -14 June, Glasgow was host to an energised and growing movement for climate action.

Bragging Rights

In Aberystwyth, on 14 June, activist choir Côr Gobaith joined Billy Bragg on stage in the protest singer’s own version of The Internationale.

Replacing Trident would destroy jobs in Scotland

Whilst supporters of the Trident nuclear weapons system continue to claim that 10,000 jobs will go if Trident submarines are not replaced, a different picture is painted by a report which

Trident Ploughshares blockade four gates of Aldermaston

On 15 June, Trident Ploughshares activists working with Bikes Block Bombs, Scrap Cars–Scrap Trident, Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp (AWPC) and Eastern Region CND blockaded four gates at th

Don't forget Dungavel

On 14 June, Ayrshire Friends of Refugees held a gathering outside the Dungavel Detention Centre.

A Taliban peace plan

Opinion polls in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the last few months have reinforced the message that the people of the region want a negotiated solution to the conflicts currently raging.

Barbaric thermobaric attacks in Afghanistan

RAF pilots in Afghanistan are firing an increasing number of brutal “enhanced blast” thermobaric weapons, the Ministry of Defence admitted in May.

Concerns grow on opencast coal mining

Bethan Jenkins AM (Plaid Cymru) will meet with Assembly environment minister Jane Davidson to raise concerns on behalf of constituents and campaigners who fear new regulations on opencast

UKIP in Wales? Never in Europe!

Plaid Cymru environmental and justice campaigner Jill Evans was re-elected to Brussels, while Labour slumped in the vote, losing their second seat to UKIP.

Roll up, roll up

In May and June, five people were up on charges arising from the April 2008 “Carnival Against the Arms Trade” at the EDO-MBM arms factory in Brighton.

Anarchy everywhere

It is testimony to the spirit of trust and unity created by the organisers of the recent Anarchist Movement Conference in London that it was possible to take a photograph of the 200-plus p

What children want

This is a list of six things I have learnt since leaving the world of conventional education.

Saro-Wiwa justice

13 years after the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni human rights activists Shell was brought to court in New York for complicity with the Nigerian government for these stat

No new nukes

As a CND poll demonstrates massive public opposition to US Star Wars plans, it seems the nuclear log-jam in Britain may be moving.

Stealing from Western Sahara

Western Sahara, illegally occupied by Morocco 33 years ago, faces a mounting challenge to the integrity of its rich natural resources.

Valuing migrants

On the face of it the past month has been headline horror for immigrants and asylum seekers in Britain and all those standing in solidarity with them: the continuing ordeal of Belfast’s Ro

A Weaver's Welcome

2 June 2009: Shortly after arriving in Pakistan, one week ago, we met a weaver and his extended family, numbering 76 in all, who had been forcibly displaced from their homes in Fathepur, a

Coal still a no-no

Ed Miliband’s announcement that new coal power stations will only be permitted if 25% of their emissions are carbon-captured and stored hasn’t put a stop to the blossoming UK anti-coal mov

Visitors and Hosts in Pakistan

10 June: In Jayne Anne Phillips’ Lark and Termite, the skies over Korea, in 1950, are described in this way:

Justice for Iraq, put Blair and Brown on trial

The declaration of a semi-closed, semi-open, no-blame inquiry into the Iraq war is said to be part of British prime minister Gordon Brown’s strategy to secure his position as leader of the


After the turmoil of the post-election protests and repression in Iran, we believe that the most important thing that outsiders can do to help the people of Iran is to push for a new relationship b

Kew Bridge Ecovillage

On 20 June, activists occupying a plot of derelict land beside Kew Bridge, London, held an “open day” for their planned eco-village. The site was taken by over 70 people on 6 June.

Growing a radical peace movement

Earlier this year, I was invited to take part in a discussion about “growing the radical peace movement” in Britain.

... and the law lost

On 5 June, Brighton magistrates court acquitted me of assaulting a police constable (PC) in the course of his duty at the “Carnival Against the Arms Trade” in Brighton on 4 June 2008.

Triumph of the will

Not many people know this: the Peace Pledge Union (PPU) is 75 this year. I only know because a woman stopped me in Stroud High Street and told me.

Roll over Bayeaux

The idea began at the Friends Meeting House in Taunton in 1981. 11-year-old Jonathan Stocks felt that the room where they held the children’s meeting needed cheering up.


We arrived at noon at Stratford train station, the meeting point for the Silver Group taking part in the London Climate Camp “swoop”.

Campaign Profile: British Tamils Forum

The British Tamils Forum (BTF) organised peaceful protests in central London (including the demonstration of over 200,000 Tamils on 11 April 2009) to show solidarity with their brethren in