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' Standing Our Ground: The science and politics behind the resistance to genetically modified crops'

Print copy of the website www.stopgm.org.uk; produced by independent volunteer researchers; 94pp

In late January this year there was a very well-organised and dynamic anti-GM meeting in London called Gathering Momentum which attracted well over 100 participants, including farmers, scientists and activists, from all over Britain and Ireland. This very useful little booklet, distributed at the meeting, is essentially a print copy of the Stop GM website, but it reads very well in its own right. It provides a very clear and grounded rationale for opposition to GM and brings the reader quickly up to speed with worrying recent developments in Britain. The GM industry was forced onto the backfoot by successful campaigning and action ten years ago, but they are back, and this booklet is a “must-have” for anyone aspiring to understand the issues and join the opposition.

Topics: GM