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Justice for Colombia!

In the next issue...

Meet Soraya Gutierrez Arguello,President of CAJAR, the “Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyers' Collective”, in Bogota'.

Soraya and the collective have been protected by PBI volunteers as she and her colleagues suffer threats and intimidation on a daily basis from Colombia's security and paramilitary forces. In Bogota, last May, one of her house's security guards gave Soraya a suspicious package. She called the police, who opened the package and found a beheaded doll with its limbs torn off, a cross drawn on its torso and painted with red nail varnish resembling blood. The note that came with it said: “You have a very beautiful family, take care of them, don't sacrifice them.”

Read an in-depth interview with Soraya in the next issue of PN.