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Drone home

On 7 October, the Drones Campaign Network held a demo outside RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, which controls Britain’s armed Reaper drones, to mark 10 years of British involvement in drone warfare.

Scribble scribble

1 December is Prisoners for Peace Day. Please consider writing a cheerful, non-hero-worship postcard to someone on the WRI list:

Snip snip

The ministry of defence (MoD) was facing ‘brutal’ cuts in a new strategic review, a Tory rebellion and ministerial resignations as PN went to press.


Anti-drones campaigners to stand trial on 24 November


Lessons in resistance and humanity

Head of Bil’in Popular Committee against the Wall comes to Aberystwyth


Peace in the Borders

Welsh Borders join arms fair protests


Western Sahara

On 6 September, the European court of justice (ECJ) heard oral arguments on EU imports from Morocco of goods originating from, or processed in, Western Sahara.

Nepal votes

As PN went to press, the final results were coming out from the third and final round of voting in the Nepali local elections.

61 shining stars

Direct action news from the US from the Nuclear Resister about actions around the Hiroshima-Nagasaki anniversaries, when we remember the destruction of those cities by US atomic bombs in A

One shiny toy

The British armed forces are spending £30m developing their own raygun (‘laser directed energy weapon’) called, wait for it, ‘Dragonfire’.