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‘War is Peace’

Welsh event explores Orwellian present



The Turkish peace process was ended by the Turkish government last year. Since the coup attempt this summer, there has been a massive wave of government repression.

Western Sahara

While hosting the COP22 climate talks, Morocco boasted about its green credentials.


Human rights groups used the 10-year anniversary of the end of the Nepali civil war to point out that no progress has been made on ‘transitional justice’ for crimes committed during the civil war.<

Come healing

Here is some cheery news of recent direct action in the US collected by the very wonderful Nuclear Resister.

The law

Campaigners challenge nukes in court


Sisters of mercy

Women vow to continue sailing to Gaza after ship seized



Alternative remembrance day events held around UK


Migrant deaths increase as EU focuses on border control

Death-rate has tripled says UN


Humbled in love

Peace activists walk free after actions in Australia and the US.