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No more youth militarisation

Activists from across world meet to share insights


Peace activists ‘breach peace’

Coulport blockaders found guilty


Doomsday clock moves again

Nuclear powers 'on cusp of new arms race


Trump wants more usable nuclear weapons

US government review backs mini-nukes


Free Ahed Tamimi

Palestinian teen arrested for slapping Israeli soldier


Mark revives archives

In February, radical British historian Mark Curtis launched a new online project, Declassified, which contains hundreds of declassified documents on British foreign policy.

Give Yanks thanks

Here’s some nonviolent direct action news from the US from the very brilliant Nuclear Resister.

Spybase nicks pics

In December, anti-secrecy campaigner Alan Turnbull discovered photographs from his ‘Secret Bases’ website had been stolen by an engineering firm and architects working on an expansion of the spybas

Funding a nuke rebuke

As PN went to press, the Public Interest Case Against Trident (PICAT) project was well on its way to raising £10,000 towards the cost of taking out a judicial review.

Peace in Korea is possible

Despite the fragile Olympic truce between the US and North Korea, war may be edging closer – with support from the self-censoring liberal media