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... of poor Swedes

US nonviolent revolutionary George Lakey toured England and Scotland in the first half of October, talking about his book Viking Economics: how the Scandinavians got it right – and how we can,

... of your peace

Pope Francis, possibly the single most influential person on the planet, condemned not only the use but also the ‘very possession’ of nuclear weapons on 10 November.

Assault charge dropped against DSEI activist

More arms fair trials scheduled for December and January


Joseph Rotblat is held up against the wall in London

Polish scientist & anti-nuke campaigner remembered


From Holloway to housing

Call for council homes to be built on former prison site


Greenpeace 10 found ‘not guilty’ after blocking PNR fracking site entrance

Prosecution failed to rebut activists defence, says judge


Peace prize given to peace group

Anti-nuke campaign wins Nobel


Three Scots stop warhead convoy

Nukes blocked on way to Trident base


Thousands demand climate justice in Bonn

4,500 invade opencast coal mine during Climate Summit


Triple trouble

The latest Nuclear Resister records anti-drone action across the US.