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I want to break free

An unarmed British Trident missile went wildly off-course during a test in June 2016, and was destroyed off the coast of Florida, US sources told CNN on 23 January, following a report in the Su

Chelsea free

Sam Archie: On 17 January, in one of his last acts as US president, Barack Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence from 35 years down to seven years.

What’s up for PN?

A look into the future - and an opportunity to reflect on the last 10 years


Travelling light

The Oxford branch of the Seeds for Change training network has struck out on its own, under the name ‘Navigate’. The name ‘Seeds for Change’ now refers only to the Lancaster collective.

Stranger song

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize went to US president Barack Obama after he’d done nothing for peace.

The guests

On 10 November, more than 100 peace activists blockaded the entrance to the annual conference of the European defence agency in Brussels, Belgium.

There for you

Veterans for Peace UK had their largest Remembrance Sunday turnout on 13 November.

Everybody knows

On 14 November, members of two unions, Prospect and Unite, picketed the Atomic Weapons Establishments at Aldermaston and Burghfield.

European parliament calls for ban on nuclear weapons

Landmark resolution could trigger new treaty


Cranes fly from Aberystwyth to Hiroshima

Welsh peace activist visits Japan