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Indigenous struggle over pipeline continues


Banners into archive

The Peace Museum in Bradford is asking for placards, leaflets, badges and banners used in peaceful protests, vigils or demonstrations for an exhibition later this year.

Sword into hoe

On 16 March, James Dowling of the Brisbane Catholic Workers pleaded not guilty at Brisbane magistrates court.

Resisters in Bangor

On 7 March, 13 members of the Pacific Life Community were arrested amid snow and rain as they blockaded the Pacific home port of the US Trident nuclear ballistic missile submarine fleet, during the

Vanunu in court

Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu was, at the time of going to press, waiting to be sentenced after being found guilty in January of talking to two US citizens in East Jerusalem withou

As Yemen starves, Britain arms the Saudi assault

Campaigners challenge British complicity in Yemen carnage


Supporting refugees in Dunkirk

Welsh activists spend week in La Linière refugee camp


Turkish war

In late January, amid ongoing mass arrests, Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan secured parliamentary approval for constitutional reforms that will widen his powers as president, and may allow him

Western Sahara

In mid-January, EU and French authorities were asked to seized the cargo of a ship accused of bringing fish oil from occupied Western Sahara to France.

Nepal peace process

The Nepali authorities have failed to deliver justice for human rights abuses during either the 10-year civil war or the anti-constitution protests in the low-lying Madesh region in late 2015.