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Fairford Coach: the saga continues

On 22 March 2003, three coaches set off from London to protest against the bombing of Iraq by US B52s which were flying missions from RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire.

London launch of "Protective Wall"of international law

On 19 January, London’s Mayors For Peace reception provided the venue for the launch of the city’s contribution to the “protective wall of international law” initiative.

The good news

Here we give you a roundup of some of the good stuff that’s going on ...

Tsunami appeals

Millions of people around the world have donated money to the major disaster relief networks such as the Disasters Emergency Committee (http://www.dec.o

Get involved

The documentary film A letter to the Prime Minister is nearly finished after over two years production.

Bomspotters start small

Those pesky Euro bombspotters have been up to their naughty tricks again recently.

Irish neutrality - the battle continues

Even though Ireland remains officially a neutral state, military landings at Shannon Airport in County Clare have nearly tripled in 2004.

Activist killed in anti-nuke protest

A young French activist was killed on Sunday 7 November as he attempted to blockade a train carrying 12 Castor caskets - 175 tonnes - of nuclear waste.

US war resisters condemn war in post-election protest

Delivering a clear message against war, members of the War Resisters League marched from Ground Zero to the New York Stock Exchange in lower Manhattan on the morning of 3 November.

British police in early G8 evidence gathering

Trident Ploughshares report that one of their pledgers - a Swedish national - was detained and questioned for three hours about next year's G8 actions