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Hard times

Deaths linked to benefit claims may have doubled in the last two years, according to information obtained by Disability News Service through freedom of information requests.

Yemen: Britain helps kill a generation of children

Famine risk from British-backed attack on Yemeni port


Home ed in the firing line – again

Draconian new guidelines could affect all parents


Welsh nuclear stand off: who pays?

Welsh campaigners travel to Japan to meet Fukushima evacuee


From Aberystwyth to Westminster

Welsh anti-nuke campaigners bring direct action to Westminster


Banners for suffrage

Processions in Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff and London commemorate 100th anniversary of suffrage victory


Western Sahara

Regular readers will know that Polisario, the liberation movement for Western Sahara (illegally occupied by Morocco since 1975), managed to get a cargo ship full of phosphate rock (illegally mined


The war in Yemen is poised to tip over into complete disaster if Saudi-led and British-supported coalition forces continue their push to invade and occupy the crucial Yemeni port of Hodeidah.

Dear things

On 17 May, three of the Kings Bay Ploughshares Seven were released on bail at a court hearing.

A near thing

In June, protesters in County Durham prevented construction of an access road to a planned opencast coal mine near Dipton.