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On 27 August, the US air force announced that B-2 Spirit stealth bombers, airmen and support aircraft had been deployed to RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire.

Israeli refuseniks

Maya Brand-Feigenbaum, 18, was released from prison on 27 August after serving two sentences, 25 days in all, for refusing military service in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).

Julian & Chelsea

There are strict rules, but you can write letters (not cards) to these two political prisoners.

Please write (using white paper only!) to the US whistleblower:

SJOKK in Aberytwyth

Radical choirs make waves in Aberystwyth


Denbighshire discuss military recruitment in schools

UK condemned as international outlier on child recruitment


A flavour of the Arabic world

Barbara Lindsay


Gandhi 150

The Indian government has been carrying out tree-planting, statue-erecting, cycling and so on, all around the world to mark the upcoming 150th birthday of Indian pacifist Mohandas Gandhi.

Gaza march

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated at the border fence between Gaza and Israel on 12 July, with 33 reportedly shot with live ammunition by Israeli soldiers.

Western Sahara

In July, French citizen Claude Mangin-Asfari was prevented for the fifth time from visiting her husband, the Sahrawi political prisoner Naâma Asfari.

No to artwashing

On 10 July, street art collective Protest Stencil withdrew from a Science Museum exhibition after finding that the top sponsor of the ‘Top Secret’ event was the arms manufacturer Raytheon.