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Comment and Analysis

Chernobyl: a wake up call?

Pripyat is a large modern town in the lush green region of Pollisia in northern Ukraine. Purpose built for the new generation of atomic workers and their families.

Eurosatory: a personal reflection

There may be more than one way to stage a nonviolent protest.

Editorial: This is why...

Just in case anyone needed a reminder as to the motivation for any of us involved in taking action against militarism and all its symptoms, the British government published its own report

Editorial: Questions, questions ....

It seems the Tamil Tigers have begun to take small steps towards at least the possibility of a change, away from the violent tactics of their lengthy "liberation" struggl

Direct action in Bethlehem

The “International Solidarity Movement” (ISM) is a series of nonviolent solidarity events in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, undertaken by foreign peace activists, coordinated by the Palesti

Message from Iraq

Just as springtime Baghdad shows - with the crumbling of sanctions - a faint glimpse of promise, however superficial, it is hard to believe that the threat of war is gathering again.

It is my wish that there will be a new battle in Afghanistan - the battle of the pen.

In April Marnie Smith travelled to Pakistan where she discovered Afghanistan's refugee communities finding hope for peace through education.


Cuba: people and sun, music and memories

Being Chilean, I was prevented from visiting Cuba between 1973 and 1990: had I travelled there I would not have been allowed to re-enter Chile, as I would have been labelled a Marxist.

Enough is enough! Demonstrating for peace in Cyprus

A small group of Cypriot women, calling themselves “Hands Across the Divide”, has started actively campaigning for peace in Cyprus.

Editorial: Whose utopia is it anyway?

It would be very easy to argue that the true “axis of evil” is actually rather short, and stretches from the White House across the river Potomac and down to the Pentagon.