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Comment and Analysis

Breaking the cycle

Despite intense losses in the recently ended war with neighbouring Ethiopia, and a few worrisome signs of incursions on freedom of speech and the press, the hopes amidst the people of the

The dangers of international terrorism

I write as a lifelong peace campaigner who has been on all the big demos against the Iraq war, and at the same time is very concerned that the peace movement is failing to come to grips wi

Things are not as bad as they seem: they are much, much worse

Russia after the election is a grim place. With electoral doubts safely swept under the carpet, Putin has been sworn into Office.

The paramilitary candidate

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velezhas used all the means at his disposal to ensure that the truth about his links to paramilitary death squads and the drugs cartels remains hidden. Tom Feiling from campaign group Justice for Colombia reports.


Editorial: Are you "man" enough?

The fact that George W Bush's military record (or lack of) is of such concern to the US public (or certainly the US and international media), illustrates how militarised masculinity contin

All change!

Well, not quite, but we would like to take the opportunity to say fond farewells and enthusiastic welcomes to volunteers and staff on the PN team and to flag up two opportunities

Do we need a contraceptive for the machine [1]? Or "why is everyone smiling?"

We receive important personal and social blessings from technology of all kinds, but for a quarter century we have been completely dominated by a seriously unexamined technology of which S

Smoking the peace pipe

On the last evening of the World Social Forum, I was standing in the Azad Maidan, surveying the crowds and getting ready for the evening's concert.

The soldiers at my front door

I live in a tiny, remote, impoverished, three-block-long town in the desert of north eastern New Mexico.

Angola: two years after the endof decades of war

Angola is one of the countries in the world that has been most affected by war and violence over the past four decades.