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Comment and Analysis

Europe returns to making deadly deals with Iraq and Libya

Who are the biggest and most willing purchasers of arms? Tyrants. Why? They need to oppress their own people and to conquer others, to do this one needs the appropriate tools.

After the election

Peace News readers will understand the sick feeling many Americans had when we woke up on 3 November and found George Bush had been re-elected.

Is true democracy being undermined by its most vocal minority?

During the weeks and months leading up to the London European Social Forum (ESF) there was much controversy as to whether a minority had managed to undermine the democratic nature of the f

25 years on ... Sandino and a song

Writing from Nicaragua, Paul Baker Hernández reflects on the country's revolutionary ambitions and the need to stand firm in the face of anticipated raids on Latin America's "sweetest water".


Editorial: Unfinished business

It is hard to believe that, just ten years after the genocide in Rwanda, new reports of massacres against Tutsis by Hutus have started coming in.

History repeats itself

It repeats itself: the main hospital has been closed down by US troops and is being used for military operations, ambulances are being prevented, again by US troops, from moving around the

The return

As Ariana flight 404 from Dubai touched down at Kabul International Airport, its applauding passengers straining to locate family members among those standing on top of the arrivals buildi

Community is the currency

There can be no peace without the unity of humankind and specific structures of inclusive social justice. That thought reflects the mature form of every major religion.

Getting the priorities right: human or military security?

World military spending has returned to Cold War levels.

Editorial: Should we be more shocked than usual?

The latest series of revelations regarding the torture and inhuman and degrading treatment of Iraqi prisoners by Coalition forces make for yet more depressing and horrible news.