Peace News 2021 appeal


Dear supporters,

These are difficult times. The pandemic is not over, the climate crisis is more and more devastating, and we have a government committed to new nuclear weapons, more arms sales to dictators, and new military alliances.

In all of the gloom, people need to hear about what we’re all doing to counteract all this. We need to hear helpful and hopeful voices that can support us and educate us and inspire us – and dare us to do better.

That is what Peace News has been aiming to bring to the peace movement since we started in 1936. That’s what the current PN team have been trying to do over the past 15 years or so.

In the last year, we’ve put out a lot of content that we’ve felt was important to share, including our special double-issue White Issue and the Chomsky interview on Afghanistan that we thought provided perspectives and information that were sorely missing in the mainstream media.

This year, our web worker, Emma, has also steered us through to launch our excellent new website, which we are very proud of. That has taken an enormous amount of work – and a lot of money.

We don’t have a billionaire funding us or millions in corporate advertising to keep us afloat. We rely on you, our loyal readers. Please help us to stay a print publication despite the rises in printing costs and postage rates.

If you value what Peace News does for nonviolence, for peace and social justice and for climate justice, we ask you to please dig deep and make a donation to PN, however small or large. Every single contribution we receive makes a difference to us.

Thank you!

Claire, Emily, Emma, Gabriel and Mil
The Peace News team

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P.P.S. We have copies of our Christmas cards, specially designed by Emily, to buy here


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