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Peace News 2018 appeal

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the support you've given Peace News. As another year draws to a close, it is clear that Britain and the world need a strong voice for peace and radical nonviolence, now more than ever.

2018 highlights
This year, we've held several events connected to deepening nonviolent resistance, including a one-day workshop in Edinburgh in March focused on personal resistance, and a one-day event in Hastings in November focused on improving campaigning skills.

Our biggest PN project was the holding of a ground-breaking training of trainers around class and classism. We brought long-time US activist Betsy Leondar-Wright to the UK for the first-ever training of activist trainers in the UK focused on class and classism. The long weekend workshop in Gloucestershire was very much welcomed by the participants, who've gone on to share their learning in all sorts of different contexts, including a European trainers' exchange in Brussels.

This training built on the work that we've been doing in the paper – and at Peace News Summer Camp – to raise awareness around class, and to support activists in creating more class-inclusive groups and campaigns. Class-inclusive groups are stronger and more able to win change because they can draw on the strengths of people from many class backgrounds, just as truly anti-racist groups are stronger and more able to win change because they are able to bring together people from different communities.

Peace News also contributed to the centenary year for the end of the First World War by giving talks and circulating our exhibition of anti-war resistance during the war: 'The World is My Country'. The images that PN staffer Emily Johns created for that exhibition have heartened people around the UK and in several other countries. We also reprinted our book which accompanied the exhibition, with essays by PN promotions worker, Gabriel Carlyle.

Peace News Summer Camp had a rest year, with a small gathering for the people most involved in the camp, helping to recharge our batteries for 2019.

PN itself has continued to run content that it would be hard to find elsewhere, championing radical nonviolence. We put a spotlight on very impressive mass civil disobedience in the US (the Poor People's Campaign), community organising against militarism in Leicester (Ambrose Musiyiwa and friends), classic small-group direct action against nuclear weapons (King's Bay Ploughshares in the US), a national campaigning network against climate change (the UK Fossil Free divestment gathering in Stafford), a solo legal campaign for disability rights (Esther Leighton in Cambridge), a two-nation direct action/monitoring campaign against nuclear weapons transport (Nukewatch in Scotland and England), trainings of activist trainers (in Spain and in Gloucestershire), and much, much more.

Your help for 2019
Our annual appeal this year is to help us create and deliver more 'How We Win' workshops and materials, strengthening nonviolent resistance and campaigning around Scotland, Wales and England. We want to offer workshops and gatherings both on practical campaigning skills and on connecting local campaigns to the bigger task of social transformation, of winning the big changes that our society and our world so desperately need.

Your donation will help us bring people together to work more effectively and sustainably for a nonviolent world. If we can raise enough money, we will be able to offer travel and participation scholarships for these events, as well as a sliding scale for registration to make the workshops and gatherings as inclusive as possible.

Other important work for next year includes redeveloping our website so make it as useful and user-friendly as possible and, of course, continuing with our day to day work of recording and supporting the grassroots movement for peace and social justice in the UK.

Please contribute generously to enable us to fund our nonviolence work for 2019.

Warm wishes,

Claire, Emily, Emma, Gabriel, and Mil
the Peace News team

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