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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Violence & nonviolence

The dangers of armed self-defence

Gabriel Carlyle outlines some of the downsides to armed self-defence


‘This nonviolence stuff’ll get you killed’

An African-American activist-turned-academic looks back on the history of armed self-defence in the US civil rights movement


Jean-Marie Müller, The Principle of Nonviolence: A Philosophical Path

Center for Global Non-Killing, 2014; 274pp; £12


Campaign nonviolence begins!

International nonviolence initiative begins its first week of action.


Going to the source

An ongoing Quaker initiative to trace the roots of activist nonviolence training in the UK


Campaign Nonviolence

At the moment, PN staff are the only listed UK promoters of Campaign Nonviolence, the nonviolence study/action group initiative started by Pace e Bene in the US last year.


On Anger

This classic text from 1971 pushes nonviolent activists to respect and value rage and untangles our political and personal relationships to this emotion.



Syrian nonviolent activists today

Working towards a viable future for Syria when fighting ends


Ukraine: a nonviolent victory

Civil resistance shredded the legitimacy of a repressive and corrupt government


Editorial: Civil resister

Howard's proposal for a network of nonviolence study and action groups