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Sign up or salute the troops

A ForcesWatch report on selling the military


The mark of Cain: ‘Making Sense of the Warrior’

Responses from peace activists to the BBC’s 2018 Reith Lectures on war


Billy Bishop Goes To War – Review

31 October – 24 November, Jermyn Street Theatre


The Good Soldier Schwejk – film review

A film that uses humour to convey the absurdity of armed conflict.



The British army is targeting young working-class people for recruitment, an internal marketing document has revealed.

Resistance is not a crime

Six arrested at Cardiff arms fair


Army abuse trial collapses

Military police blame 'more urgent enquiries' for 'unacceptable delay' in bringing case to trial


No more youth militarisation

Activists from across world meet to share insights


Fun day out for the family?

Tony Young visits Wales' 'National Air Show'