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Polden, David

Yorkshire anti-frackers declare victory

Well capped after government calls for financial review of Third Energy


13 more anti-DSEI arms fair protestors acquitted, some because it was ‘reasonable’ to obstruct arms fair

Trials to continue through May


Peace activists ‘breach peace’

Coulport blockaders found guilty


Free Ahed Tamimi

Palestinian teen arrested for slapping Israeli soldier


Assault charge dropped against DSEI activist

More arms fair trials scheduled for December and January


Greenpeace 10 found ‘not guilty’ after blocking PNR fracking site entrance

Prosecution failed to rebut activists defence, says judge


Three Scots stop warhead convoy

Nukes blocked on way to Trident base


Ethnic cleansing in the Jordan Valley

Three Palestinian communities face immediate expulsion from their homes in the Jordan Valley and near Jerusalem, and two more in the coming months, warns the Israeli human rights group, B'Tselem.


Blockaders' convictions overturned

Prosecution failed to establish road boundary rules judge


A-bomb fasts

Four-day fast marks anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings