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Kelly, Kathy

Blood for oil

Kathy Kelly reflects on the 1991 Gulf War and its legacy


About Suffering: A Massacre of the Innocents in Yemen


The Biden administration must act swiftly to prevent a Trump-administration 'death sentence' for thousands of Yemenis, argues Kathy Kelly


Stop tightening the thumb screws

US sanctions on Iran are making it even more difficult for that country to deal with COVID-19 - and may have helped to spread the disease to its neighbours - writes veteran US peace activist Kathy Kelly. 


Judging US war crimes

Chelsea Manning reimprisoned


Seeing Yemen from Jeju

Connecting war in West Asia with war preparation in East Asia


What Does War Generate?

Who carries out the works of mercy in the war-torn country of Afghanistan?


Learn Your Lessons Well: An Afghan teenager makes up his mind

A young Afghan peace activist sets out his hopes for the future.


The Storm Is Over

'Our fear and isolation from each other, aiming to get a step up above our neighbours, our reluctance to live in a shared world, may be worse than the other storms we face.' Long-time US peace activist Kathy Kelly writes from inside prison.


Possibility of escape

A letter from a US prison


A future in prison

Kathy Kelly looks forward to a future world that is less like a prison