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Johns, Emily

Israel's secret nuclear threats

The greatest danger to the peo ples of the Middle East, including the people of Israel, comes from Israel's determination to retain control of the land it conquered 40 years ago, and its willingnes

Editorial: Making peace, exposing lies


After fighting their case through almost every court in the land, the B52 Two are not guilty and they richly deserve it!

Iraqi week of nonviolence

b>From 28 April to 6 May, the LaUnf (nonviolence) network of Iraqi peace activists organised a second “Week of Nonviolence”, this time at 13 locations, reaching 7300 people all over Iraq.


May Day is workers' day

The struggle for the eight-hour day which began in the 19th century (and which goes on, even now) involved strikes and demonstrations throughout the world, and a coo

Bullies no more

On 20 April, author Maya Anne Evans and PN editor Milan Rai were called to stand trial at Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court, London, for “contempt of court”.

Slavery, rebellion, abolition

A myth is being created. The myth of William Wilberforce, the great white liberator, as perpetuated by Amazing Grace, the Hollywood version of the abolition of the slave trade.


Yes, we are facing daunting threats (as Noam Chomsky points out in his interview).