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Hudson, Kate

Election 2019: thoughts from around the country

Eight campaigners share their views


Trump and Bolton are breaking what nuclear order there is

International peace movements must defend treaties restrain production, deployment and potential use of nuclear weapons


CND and direct action

An extract from a new book marking CND’s 60th birthday


"The broadest alliance against nuclear weapons in Britain, ever"

Tell us a bit about your involvement with the antinuclear movement.

Trident is bad for jobs

Kate Hudson of CND responds to Brian Larkin’s criticism in the last issue


Obituary - Michael Foot: Learning the right lessons from history

Five years ago, I went to visit [the former Labour Party leader] Michael Foot, when I was writing a history of CND. He was kind, witty and utterly committed to nuclear disarmament.

Towards the Future

Anniversaries are daunting occasions. Inevitably judgements will be made, achievements weighed up and failures raked over – and CND’s 50th anniversary was no exception.

How to ban the bomb

Are the US, UK and others that are increasing the pressure on Iran genuinely concerned about nuclear proliferation?

Pushing the debate

Hard on the heels of the great victory at the TUC -- an overwhelming vote in support of an RMT resolution against replacing Trident -- the issue has, however, been kept off the agenda at th

The economic argument

The Defence Committee's first report on Trident replacement was much better than I had dared hope for.