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Hill, Symon

Remembrance 2020

Call for UK to 'remember Yemen'


White Poppy sales break records

Sales of white poppies are higher this year than they've ever been – since the Co-operative Women's Guild created the symbol in 1933 to remember all those killed in war.


Army abuse trial collapses

Military police blame 'more urgent enquiries' for 'unacceptable delay' in bringing case to trial



Alternative remembrance day events held around UK


Not in our name - not with our taxes!

If Trident is replaced, it is our money that will pay for it.



ike Turner, the head of BAE, is used to getting his own

way. He wrote furiously to Gordon Brown last July,

Brown bribes on trial

In a dramatic ruling, the High Court has given the go-ahead for a review of the Government's decision on BAE's Saudi arms deals.

Arms pushers to close! Campaigners celebrate victory

Anti-arms trade campaigners are celebrating a historic victory following the prime minister's announcement that he will close the infamous Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO), a un

Arms fair future in doubt

September will see the DSEi arms fair return to London in a year that has seen political and commercial support falling away from the UK arms trade.