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Hetherington, Bill

Roy Prockter, 1949 - 2014

Peace Tax Seven activist & Quaker dies, age 65


Arlo Tatum: 21 February 1923 - 2 April 2014

Arlo Tatum played significant roles in the US, British and international pacifist movements.

Ann Kramer, Conscientious Objectors of the Second World War: Refusing to Fight

Pen and Sword Books, 2013; 224pp; £19.99


Pacifists win WW1 grant

Peace Pledge Union to launch "No More War" project


Conscientious Objectors’ Day

Last month, peace activists held commemorations in Manchester (13 May), London (15 May) and Birmingham (20 May) to mark the thirtieth International Conscientious Objectors’ Day.


PN 75: On that day: Bill Hetherington

Bill Hetherington on his activities on (and around) 6 June 2011 - PN's 75th birthday.


CO day

International Conscientious Objectors’ Day, 15 May, was marked by four events in Britain.

A commitment to its core values

In the mid-1930s there was a ferment of pacifism in Britain.

Pacifist talks

During the war, the Peace Pledge Union embarked upon negotiations of its own, with the object of obtaining a joint statement from British and Argentinian pacifists condemning the war.

Peter Searby (ed) Cambridge at War. The Diary of Jack Overhill 1939-1945

Cambridgeshire Records Society, 2010; 406pp; £18