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D'Cruz, Andrea

Valuing migrants

On the face of it the past month has been headline horror for immigrants and asylum seekers in Britain and all those standing in solidarity with them: the continuing ordeal of Belfast’s Ro

Fairtrade for democracy

PN How has Fairtrade changed the producers themselves?

Blair near miss

On 21 May, Tony “Bomber” Blair narrowly escaped being killed by an Israeli missile – an irony-laden fate for such a staunch supporter of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Winter soldier

On 16 June, 24-year-old Matthis Chiroux, who joined the US army at 18, having been targeted by military recruiters since he was 16, and who served in Afghanistan among other places before b

Hellfire rains down on Baghdad

May saw a devastating surge in US air strikes on Iraq, often in densely populated areas.

Iran peace offer resisted

An unprecedented Iranian government proposal, which could offer a definitive solution to the diplomatic crisis over its nuclear program, is being resisted by Britain.


PN In the book you don’t embrace or push any single ideology. Why?

NPT Protests

Undeterred by a car bomb that failed to detonate the night before, thousands filled New York’s Times Square on 2 May to protest against a far more destructive bomb.

Free Gaza forges on, despite split

As death and destruction continue in Gaza under the ongoing Israeli siege of the Strip (see p6), the Free Gaza Movement (FGM) continues to plan siege-breaking journeys, despite splintering

Who broke the ceasefire?

In line with a lot of the mainstream media coverage on both sides of the Atlantic, the New York Times editorial on 30 December argued: “Hamas must bear responsibility for ending a six-month