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Chomsky, Noam

Trump’s threats against Iran

Iran guilty of "crime" of successful defiance


We are all [ ] – fill in the blank

The renowned US dissident reflects on the hypocrisy of the elite response to the Charlie Hebdo killings


Chomsky on the crisis

Simone Bruno I would like to talk about the current crisis.

Noam Chomsky on Gaza

The new crimes that the US and Israel have been committing in Gaza in the past weeks do not fit easily into any standard category – except for the category of familiarity.

Chomsky on violence

My general feeling is that this kind of question can't be faced in a meaningful way when it's abstracted from the context of particular historical concrete circumstances.

Arab peace offers

The Arab League Peace Plan of 2002 is what was called the “Saudi Plan” in the US. It has just been renewed.

Chomsky on Iran

  • Shank: With similar nuclear developments in North Korea and Iran, why has the United States pursued direct diplomacy with North Korea but refuses to do so with Iran?