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Carlyle, Gabriel

Northwood Die-in Six "guilty"

On 5 November, six of us – Katrina Alton and Steve Barnes of the London Catholic Worker, PN columnist Maya Evans, PN co-editor Milan Rai, Trident Ploughshares co-founder Angie Zelter, and myself –

"To fight is not the solution"

Are those calling for withdrawal selling out Afghanistan’s women?


A street debate

Afghan anniversary actions


Marching on Gaza

To mark the first anniversary of Israel’s bloody 22-day assault on Gaza, hundreds of international activists will march nonviolently alongside the people of Gaza on 1 January 2010, breaching the il

Defend Joe Glenton

This month, lance corporal Joe Glenton of the Royal Logistic Corps faces court martial for refusing to return to combat in Afghanistan.

Britain "crucial" to Afghan war

“I don’t think the public are up for it any more. Everything has changed.

Not the bloodiest day

Recent media coverage of the deaths of British soldiers in Afghanistan obscures an uncomfortable reality: that US/NATO forces are responsible for much – perhaps most – of the killing in Af

Laurie Lebo, 'The Devil in Dover: A Journalist's Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-town America' and Philip Kitcher, 'Living with Darwin: Evolution, Darwin and the Future of Faith'

The Devil in Dover: A Journalist's Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-town America, New Press, 2008; ISBN 978-1595582089; 256pp; £18.99. Living with Darwin: Evolution, Darwin and the Future of Faith, OUP, 2007; ISBN 978-0195314441; 208pp; £11.99


Elections, warlords and withdrawals

The Afghan presidential election on 20 July – the results of which may not be known until mid-September – has already received a fair amount of critical coverage in the British press.

A Taliban peace plan

Opinion polls in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the last few months have reinforced the message that the people of the region want a negotiated solution to the conflicts currently raging.