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Carlyle, Gabriel

Norman G Finkelstein, This Time We Went Too Far: Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion'

OR Books, 2010; ISBN 978-0-984-295-03-6; 204pp; £12 hdbk / £6 ebook / £16 hdbk & ebook; only available from www.orbooks.com


Arrest Blair!

Tony Blair may be sleeping a little less soundly in his bed following the launch of ArrestBlair.org.

Afghanistan negotiations "inevitable" says US - but not yet

Despite “a growing recognition in Washington… that some form of power-sharing deal [between the Afghan government and the Taliban] may be the only way to end the war” (Financial Times, 22 January),

British press buries death squad killings

A recent alleged massacre by US-led forces in Afghanistan has been greeted with near-total silence on the part of the British press.

"Out of harm's way"?

The British Government is considering plans to redeploy British troops in Afghanistan from the more dangerous, northern areas of Helmand province to its quieter central districts, in an attempt to

Spreading the word

Readers who have attended recent national events such as Stop the War’s march against the war in Afghanistan, the Great Climate Swoop in Nottingham, or the Raise Your Banners music festival in Brad

Northwood Die-in Six "guilty"

On 5 November, six of us – Katrina Alton and Steve Barnes of the London Catholic Worker, PN columnist Maya Evans, PN co-editor Milan Rai, Trident Ploughshares co-founder Angie Zelter, and myself –

Joe Sacco, 'Footnotes in Gaza'

Jonathan Cape, 2009; ISBN 978-0224071093; 432pp; £20


"To fight is not the solution"

Are those calling for withdrawal selling out Afghanistan’s women?


A street debate

Afghan anniversary actions