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Barton, Kat

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Remember and resist


Powerful nonviolence

The atmosphere when I arrived with most of the other campers at 12.30pm and throughout the day was excellent – there were workshops all afternoon, a working kitchen, compost toilets, a far

Good News: Shell forced out by Art Not Oil

Climate campaigners won an important victory at the end of January when multinational oil company Shell was ditched as sponsor of the annual Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine `Wildli

Good News: There's been much to celebrate in Nepal recently

Not only did the Nepali democracy movement manage to effectively de-throne the hated King Gyanendra (see p4), but an historic ruling in December saw the Supreme Court legitimise gay rights in the K

Good News

From three sites of resistance.


Tara latest....

`Tara is, because of its associations, probably the most consecrated spot in Ireland, and its destruction will leave many bitter memories behind it'.

Good News

After 22 years of debate, negotiation and hard work by campaigning groups, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples has finally been approved by the UN General Assembly, by an overwhelmi

Peace lines or apartheid walls?

Last month, over a thousand Iraqis took to the streets of Baghdad in protest at the building of a separation wall in the poor, mainly Shi'ite neighbourhood of al-Washash.

As they sold death - we stood for life (DSEi arms fair)

The biennial Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi), one of the largest arms fairs in the world, has once again been met with protests in East London, where it has been held since 199