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Aksamentova, Polina

Free Gaza: the saga continues

The Free Gaza expeditions, designed to break the Israeli siege, have been unable to reach Gaza since November.

Action over the pond

Americans rallied against President Obama’s decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan with demonstrations big and small throughout December.

Afghanistan: an increasingly unpopular war in US and UK

Discontent over the war in Afghanistan continued to grow in November in both the UK and US, with support for withdrawal reaching 63% in Britain and 39% in the US, according to BBC and CBS News poll

61 arrested in DC

Afghan anniversary actions


Withdrawal majority censored

Four separate polls undertaken throughout July by the BBC/ Guardian, ITN, The Times and the Independent consistently showed that the majority of Britons want immediate or rapid withdrawal

Marching for May Day

As the financial crisis continues to rage throughout the world, and unemployment rates climb ever higher, workers came together for this year’s May Day in a spirit of discontent rather tha

Ward Churchill wins free speech victory

American Indian activist and former professor Ward Churchill won a wrongful-termination case against University of Colorado on 2 April, convincing the jury that he was fired for controvers

Draconian SHAC sentences

Seven animal-rights activists of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) were jailed on 21 January, with sentences ranging from four to 11 years in prison.

Censored again

After additional research undertaken in rural Iraq, Britain's ORB (Opinion Research Business) polling agency has largely confirmed on 28 January its earlier estimate that over a million Ir

Animal rights activists defy march ban

Despite heavy police presence and last minute restrictions, about 150 activists participated in an anti-vivisection demonstration against Sequani Limited in Ledbury, Worcestershire, on 15