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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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PNEmma's blog

Celebrating Chelsea Manning's freedom

On 17 May 2017, Peace News and Housmans Bookshop celebrated the release of Chelsea Manning, along with dozens of her supporters.


The future is in our hands

A report from the Movement Against War youth delegation to the International Peace Bureau Congress on demilitarisation.


Month of action at AWE Burghfield

Come to protest in the heart of the development of the UK's nuclear weapons system.


Don't Bomb Syria!

Pictures from 3 demos against UK airstrikes on Syria and further information and actions you can take.


Wheel Stop Trident: an anti-Trident, anti-cuts, pro-public services, pro-renewables bike ride action

I'm one of 14 young people from different parts of the UK, most with a Quaker background or who had worked for Quakers, who formed a group called Wheel Stop Trident in early 2015.


Honouring those who tried to stop the first world war

A letter from Peace News published in The Guardian, 16 Jan 2014


Fukushima solidarity as Japan remembers nuclear holocausts

London actions in solidarity with Japanese protests against restarting of nuclear reactors.


Sleepcrimes in Parliament Square

An overnight peace vigil tests how the new law restricting protest around Parliament is being enforced - or not.


The peace boxes of Parliament Square

On 3 May the police removed the remaining peace box, tent and other items of Maria Gallastegui's Peacestrike protest in Parliament Square after an injunction against the enforcement of the new restrictions on protest was lifted. Below are images of the peace boxes, inside and out, from the last year, and an update on the current situation.


We are all being ASBO’d

Simon Moore, the first person to be served with an ASBO relating to the Oympics, was in court again today. 

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