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Articles from the Peace News log: Strategy

Articles from the Peace News log.
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Theo Simon responds to Gabriel Carlyle's recent article.


Gabriel's Peace News piece, “Why I'm sceptical about the Extinction Rebellion initiative (and why I hope I'm wrong)”,  contained some really interesting and valuable insights for structuring political  campaigns, but I think it missed the point entirely about what the Extinction Rebellionrepresents.

This isn't a campaign, it's an alarm.  We’re not trying to build fire-safety awareness and improve the provision of emergency exits - we’re trying to evacuate a burning theatre.

Some of us, myself included, have perhaps been aware of the unfolding eco-crisis for so long that we’ve grown acclimatized to it. We’ve seen the window of opportunity that a growing green awareness has opened, but forgotten that it is a time-sensitive, closing window. With every hour that passes the opportunities for survival have been shrinking, and the corrective measures required have become more drastic.

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PN's Wales editor reflects on the UK climate change movement

Next month the Camp for Climate Action meets to discuss how we organise. Actually, the agenda will be much broader than process. At issue is not just how we do things but what we do. CCA is, of course, not unique in asking this question. Ever since the farce of COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009 environmentalism – radical and reformist – has been virtually rudderless. Observing that ‘the process is dead’, George Monbiot asked the question directly: So, what do we do now? We do not have a proposal for how to proceed. With the exception of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, emanating from World People’s Conference on Climate Change in Bolivia, the environmental movement – if such a unity exists – has been losing ground fast. And, while the symbolism of the Declaration is significant, politically it hardly registered beyond a narrow margin.

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