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Articles from the Peace News log: Civil Liberties

Articles from the Peace News log.
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Charlotte Potter-Powell reports on the solidarity day at Dale Farm on 27 August

Dale Farm in Essex is the UK’s largest Travellers’ community. The residents have been fighting for ten years to remain there but now 90 families of 500 people, many of them children, face eviction from 31 August. The Conservative-led Basildon Council has set aside £18 million for an eviction which could take weeks, while supporters have set up a solidarity camp at the site.

The community at Dale Farm are predominantly Irish Travellers and many have lived there for 30 years. They own the site but planning permission has refused because the land, a former scrap-yard, is designated “green belt”. Residents point out that the council has over-ridden green belt status elsewhere for development. They consider that the eviction is disguised ethnic cleansing, pandering to hostile neighbours. The Travellers have been refused alternative culturally appropriate sites, and Amnesty International argue that “Basildon Council has not engaged in genuine consultation consistent with international human rights standards”.

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Maya Evans has a case against her heard in her absence ...

It was back in November sometime when I discovered a phone message from someone at Charing Cross police events department asking me to return their call. Reluctant to spend money on a phone call which I didn’t really want to have, I called the number.

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How to deal with police "kettling" tactics

I’m currently in training for the London Marathon (more details here), a slightly mad endeavour which means putting myself through increasing long runs in and around Oxford. I tend to find I do a lot of musing as I run, and it crossed my mind the other week that my experience actually might be be of use in the event of getting caught in a kettle. Since there’s a rather big protest coming up this weekend with kettling chances high, I thought it might help to share.

1. Toilet facilities. One of the things that is pretty grim about kettling is the lack of toilet facilities. Apparently the police are preparing humane kettles with portaloos and everything, but just in case you get caught in an inhumane kettle, this might help. I’ve managed to run for nearly 4.5 hours without a loo break, which is quite an achievement for me. The trick has been to control my fluid intake. So, I stop drinking at least an hour before my run. I then go to the toilet as many times as I can before I start. I carry water and a sports drink with me, and I drink them sparingly, sips at a time, just to keep my mouth from getting too dry. So on Saturday, I’ll use the same principle & make sure I use the loo at every available opportunity – just in case I reach a place when I can’t.

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An anonymous article sent to PN explains how you can fill in your Census form without benefiting arms company Lockheed Martin or creating funding problems for local authorities.

US Arms Manufacturer Lockheed Martin has the contracy for the 2011 UK Census in March this year.

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An anonymous article sent to PN explains how you can fill in your census form without benefiting arms company Lockheed Martin or creating funding problems for local authorities.

(Updated as at 18-03-2011)

US arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin has the contract for the 2011 UK census in March this year.

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