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Peace News log archive: June 2021

Articles from the Peace News log.
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Ian Sinclair, Rupert Read and Joanna Booth explain how they ended up publishing the most comprehensive record of the UK government’s response to the pandemic to date

After creating and then updating a timeline of the pandemic every week since April 2020, in April 2021 Ian Sinclair and Rupert Read, working with editor Joanna Booth, published a free eBook A Timeline Of The Plague Year: A Comprehensive Record of the Government’s Response to the Coronavirus Crisis. 

The impetus for the timeline came from a sense Rupert had, in February-March 2020, of the then emerging coronavirus pandemic in the UK as being, in the words of Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet medical journal, a ‘national scandal’. This was especially true when compared to the appropriately rapid and precautious response to Covid-19 that occurred in many other island states, such as Taiwan and New Zealand. 

Ian had known Rupert since they were contributors to a progressive weekly column in the Eastern Daily Press regional newspaper in the mid-2000s. After being invited by Rupert on 1 April 2020 to join him in compiling a timeline of the crisis, Ian led on developing the content of the timeline, and Rupert added to it and arranged for its publication in Byline Times. 

The timeline was also borne out of a realisation and frustration the media were failing to hold the government to account, and failing to educate the public about the dangers the virus presented to the nation.

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