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Peace News log archive: March 2015

Articles from the Peace News log.
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As Theresa May announced a public campaign into the scandals around undercover policing, campaigners against police racism and corruption, The Monitoring Group, have launched a petition to stop the gagging of undercover whistleblower Peter Francis.

ImagePeter Francis, who infiltrated anti-racism and trade union groups in the 1990s, has been at the forefront of exposing a secretive undercover unit, that targeted campaigns since 1968. It is now known that hundreds of officers from the Special Demonstration Squad were deployed across the political spectrum, many using the identities of dead children, and not a few having relationships with those they were targeting.

One officer in particular, Bob Lambert, using the stolen identity of Bob Robinson, fathered a child and was named in Parliament by Caroline Lucas as having planted an incendiary device at the Harrow branch of Debenhams in the 1980s. He, however, was not alone in either fathering children or acting as an agent provocateur. Other officers are known to have spied on family justice campaigns including the family of Stephen Lawrence.

On Thursday 12th March, there was the launch of Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlains' book Blacklisted, a powerful account of police and corporate collaboration to destroy the working lives of trade union activists. There, MP John McDonnell read out a statement from Francis, where he specifically mentioning how he played a role on spying on trade union activists in North London.

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