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Peace News log archive: April 2011

Articles from the Peace News log.
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Maya Evans reflects on courts, money and human rights

The Judge Lord Justice Laws looked over his glasses, he was a no messing kind of guy with a habit of cutting to the chase immediately. “So this £50- £100 k figure, where did it come from? Is it the governments?”

The defence Lawyer for the Secretary of State Mr Grodzinski flicked through his papers to find the source. Indeed it was the government’s calculated annual expense for judicial reviews- cost was the main justification which the Ministry of Justice had used to cut legal aid for judicial review cases.

Justice Laws looked truly astounded, he had obviously followed the same path of logic we had: “But it’s peanuts!” he bluntly stated.

I had to put my head down as I struggled to keep a straight face and Grodzinski struggled for words, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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Maya Evans has a case against her heard in her absence ...

It was back in November sometime when I discovered a phone message from someone at Charing Cross police events department asking me to return their call. Reluctant to spend money on a phone call which I didn’t really want to have, I called the number.

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A short film by Kim Bullimore, complementing Gill Knight's piece in the April 2011 issue of Peace News.

Village Life
by Gill Knight
from PN 2532, April 2011

During my time working with the International Women’s Peace Service I have witnessed many human rights abuses in the West Bank Palestine – house demolitions, settler violence, army and settler destruction of olive trees and fields, army intimidation of workers – the list goes on.

But none has been more heart rending than the Israeli attempt to crush the nonviolent Popular Resistance to the Occupation in the small village of Nabi Saleh. The objectives of the resistance is to end the occupation of Palestine and to protest against the confiscation of 50% of the village land by the illegal settlement of Halamish. This settlement also cuts off access to the village spring which is now fenced off and out of bounds to the village. The nonviolent demonstrations, that have taken place each Friday since December 2009, are supported by many international groups as well as Israeli activists, particularly Anarchists Against the Wall. Not many villages in the West Bank hold protests now, Bil’in, Ni’ilin, Beit Ommar and Nabi Saleh being the exceptions. After 42 years of Israeli occupation, Palestinians are tired and depressed, I have been told. Also the veneer of an improved life is perceived through the relaxing of checkpoints while, at the same time, basic human rights are still ignored.

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