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Interfering women: Feminist thoughts on nonviolent interventions

Former peace team member Kate Witham challenges us to examine the gender dynamics of nonviolent intervention, arguing that feminist-pacifist interventions may differ because they recognise the links between masculinity, militarism, patriarchal domination and war.


Nonviolent intervention at the start of the 21st Century

Why intervene?


Expanding the role of international civilian observers

Using the example of Peace Brigades Internationals work in Colombia, Luis Enrique Eguren discusses the significance of the role of international observers in the protection of local people working in conflict.


The limits of nonviolent intervention?

Was UNAMETs mission in East Timor an example of an unusually large, unusually well-resourced nonviolent intervention? If so, it presents interesting dilemmas, and perhaps some lessons, for the nonviolent movement, argues Maggie Helwig.


Interventions 1950s style

MP urges UN peace force for Arab-Israeli border


Building for peace in the aftermath of war

Small-scale peace teams have played an important role in supporting local groups and facilitating dialogue between divided communities. Robert Sautter reports on the work of the Balkan Peace Team in Kosov@.


ANC in motion

From 7 December 1979


Diversity or diversion

From 12 January 1979


De-developing nukes

From 15 December 1978