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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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It’s time for Sanctuary Everywhere

Quakers commit to welcoming migrants


Obituary: Gene Sharp: 21 January 1928 – 28 January 2018

The lonely scholar who became a nonviolent warrior


Hard-won working-class confidence

Peace News interviews a working-class woman about the difference CAAT’s paid internship made to her life


A Beautiful Ghetto

Photographer Devin Allen aims to inspire love, respect & community action


Disarmers acquitted

‘Not guilty’ verdicts for Ploughshares activists Sam Walton and Dan Woodhouse


Taking a stand against bullying and censorship

Helen Steel on the free speech conflict at the 2017 Anarchist Bookfair


Two of the three leaflets that started it all

Part 2 of PN's documenting of the free speech conflict at the 2017 Anarchist Bookfair


Bookfair herstory

Hanik Blackman recounts the origins and history of the London Anarchist Bookfair


‘These leaflets are a form of violence that you must stop’

This statement criticising the organisers was published three days after the bookfair


‘We don’t ban people just because we disagree with them’

This is the view of the London Anarchist Bookfair Collective on the leaflet incident